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Renata Stefanska-Klar

Renata Stefanska-Klar

I have four general research interests:

(1) Folk and Hope Psychology: My current research interests include folk psychology, especially the problem of subjective theories about hope (in relation to hope understood as a process versus a system of regulation, as well as its mechanisms and functions, an individual and social utility, phenomenology, etc.).

(2) Theory of Mind (TOM) in Developmental Disorders of Social Cognition: A second area of my work, connected to pragmatics, is on helping children and people with autism and Asperger Syndrome to develop social competences and to improve "mindreading" ability.

(3) Body Image Problems: Recently my research has concerned how young people's body image relates to subjective well-being, physical health, personal goals, values and hope level, as well as emotional/social expression and every day/occasional activities.

(4) Applied Internet/Cyberpsychology: Some years ago I started to serve as a volunteer mentor in psychology via self-help Internet forums for different groups (parents of disabled children, youth with problems vs. interested in psychology, young people with HFA/AS). This activity motivated me to create the e-journal "Psychology and Reality" and a professional e-library and services with information on autism, Asperger syndrome, and other topics.

Primary Interests:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Communication, Language
  • Emotion, Mood, Affect
  • Gender Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Internet and Virtual Psychology
  • Interpersonal Processes
  • Personality, Individual Differences
  • Self and Identity
  • Social Cognition


  • Bartoszek A., Gruszczyński, L. A., Pietrzyk, A., & Stefanska-Klar, R. (1997). Children’s Poverty. Sustainable Cities - United Nations Development Programmes, Katowice .
  • Mandal E., & Stefanska-Klar, R. (Eds.). (1995). Wspolczesne problemy socjalizacji [Contemporary Problems in Socialization], Wyd. US, Katowice (in Polish)
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (in preparation in Polish) Folk Psychologies and Coping.
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (2000). Zaspół Aspergera - wyzwanie dla rodziców, wychowawców i nauczycieli [Asperger's Syndrom - Challange for the Parents, Educators and Teachers] Autyzm-Net, Sosnowiec.

Journal Articles:

  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (in press in Polish). Adults' Internet dependency as family and individual problem.
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (in preparation). Developmental aspects of folk psychology of coping.
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (in preparation). How to study hope adequately? About intuitive and scientific approaches to hope problem in psychology.
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (1997). Psychologiczne mechanizmy nadziei [Psychological mechanisms of hope] Czlowiek i Przyroda, KUL t. 6.

Other Publications:

  • Pietrzyk A., & Stefanska-Klar, R. (1997). Children’s experience of poverty. In A. Bartoszek, L. A. Gruszczyński, A. Pietrzyk & R. Stefanska-Klar (Eds.), Children’s Poverty. Sustainable Cities - United Nations Development Programmes, Katowice.
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (1998). Prywatne koncepcje nadziei a problem radzenia sobie w sytuacji utraty pracy. W: Ratajczak (red): Bezrobotni w okresie przemian. Strategie zaradcze i wzorce pomocy psychologicznej [Private theories of hope and problem of coping with job loss situation. In Ratajczak Z. (Eds.), Unemployers in time of social transformation. Coping strategies and patterns of psychological help]. Wyd. US, Katowice (in Polish)
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (1997). Developmental aspects of responding to poverty and socio-economical stress. Abstract Volume of 11th Conference of the European Health Psychology Society, Bordeaux, France.
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (1997). Interpersonal influence styles in non-professional advisors from the perspective of the “implicit” theory of hope. “Book of Abstracts” of US - Polish Conference on The Practice of Social Influence in Established and Emerging Democracies. Arizona State University.
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (1997). Subjective sense of hope in human life reflected by the implicit theories of hope. Abstract Volume of 11th Conference of the European Health Psychology Society, Bordeaux, France.
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (1989). Organizacja wiedzy psychologicznej a zachowanie się jednostki. Pojęcie behawioralnej kodyfikacji obiektów w ramach wiedzy o świecie. W: Wosinski /red./ Wiedza psychologiczna jako regulator zachowania się człowieka [Organisation of private psychological knowledge and human behaviour. The concept of behavioural codyfication of objects within knowledge about world. In M. Wosinski (Eds.), Psychological knowledge as human behaviour regulation. Wyd. US, Katowice](in Polish)
  • Stefanska-Klar, R. (1988). World of necessity and world of possibility: Behavioral codification of encoded objects and two ways of people functioning. Abstract Volume of Fourth European Conference on Personality, Stockholm.

Courses Taught:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Lifespan Psychology
  • Psychology of Creativity
  • Psychology of Personality
  • Psychotherapy
  • Social Psychology
  • Socio-Educational Psychology
  • Socio-Psychological Help and Support

Renata Stefanska-Klar
Faculty of Ethnology and Sciences of Education
University of Silesia
62 Bielska Street
43-400 Cieszyn

  • Phone: +48 (33) 854-61-00

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